Anomaly Detection

Detect different behaviors at different times of day

A simple security system is not equipped to run rule-based scenarios for your unique environment. While traffic and pedestrians move around your facility 24x7, you know where you shouldn’t see activity at certain times of the day. Someone standing at a fence at 3 pm is different than a person standing there at 3 am for 10 minutes. Why are they there? Should someone be loitering at that time of the morning? If not, the VIMOC AI Platform Anomaly Detection Platform will detect and alter your personnel.  

Detect Behavior

We’ll set-up your unique rules so the VIMOC AI Platform can continue to learn the nuances of the behavior around your facility. For some locations any pedestrian or vehicle traffic may cause concern and require someone to investigate. For other locations, car or human traffic all night is quite common, however there are behaviors that need to be monitored and acted upon. While a university campus has foot traffic all night, we would not expect someone to be standing outside a building for 15 minutes at 3 am.


The possibilities are endless and the AI Platform is perfectly suited to meet your unique needs.

We want to hear about your anomalies and show you how to solve them with the VIMOC. 

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