Car Drop-off Zones

Uber and Lyft are making an impact - manage and track with VIMOC

Do you currently know the volume of traffic generated by ride-sharing services? When is the flow highest for pick-up and drop-offs? What can you do to get your arms around the challenges you are facing? With the VIMOC AI Platform, you’ll understand, monitor, and be able to control your ride-share services pick-up and drop-off zones.

Uber & Lyft Drop-Off Zone

Your Drop-off Zone product will count and track every interaction at designated areas 24 x 7. You’ll know how many drop-offs and pick-ups there are every day and when Lyft and Uber drivers are waiting longer than designated times. With actual metrics you’ll be armed with knowledge for potential financial discussions with the ride-sharing companies.

There is a movement across the country of restricting ride-sharing pick-ups to designated zones within cities and campuses, from Boston to Washington D.C., and UC Berkeley. (see blog articles for more information). By implementing an automated platform from VIMOC, you’ll be armed with data for designated zones, as well as areas where you do not want Lyft or Uber to perform pick-ups.

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