Curb-Side Management

Understanding and managing traffic at your vital curb areas

Buses, trucks, shuttles, and other specific vehicles enter targeted zones around your facilities every day. What time of day is the busiest? Is the area backed-up or congested with unauthorized vehicles? By understanding the metrics of these important traffic zones, you’ll be armed with the proper information to make sound business decisions.

Uber & Lyft Drop-Off Zone

The VIMOC AI Platform will monitor and analyze your curb-side and trigger alerts based on your unique needs. Perhaps you want to be alerted when five or more busses are sitting at the curb – done. Maybe you’re seeing Uber and Lyft drop-offs around your bus zones and need alerts notifying you regarding the car traffic – done. This intelligent platform is built to solve obvious and obscure in your environment.  

The VIMOC AI Platform will be programed to understand your needs and enable you to get your job done.


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