Environmental Control

Save money and improve experiences by automating environmentals

Turning your garage or building into a ‘smart’ structure is easier than you think. By utilizing the VIMOC AI Platform you can control multiple functions that can be correlated. Through the monitoring traffic, both vehicles and people, and other sensors, we can adjust environmental systems at your facilities to save you money and create greater efficiencies.

Automatically control ventilation bases on occupancy

Garages – the possibilities to create efficiencies are endless. For example; with a multi-level underground garage in Silicon Valley we are monitoring car traffic, temperature, and carbon dioxide levels to turn-on or off the ventilation system. This saves energy, wear-and-tear, and maintenance costs on high-price ventilation systems.


Offices and Campuses – sensing movement, and specifically they type of ‘thing’ moving, we can tie the VIMOC AI Platform into heating/cooling, lighting, and other controls when needed. Additionally, by integrating your environmental control system into our Room Occupancy product, you’ll be able to sense and adjust accordingly – conference room lights, temperature, scheduling systems, etc.  


The ‘Art of the Possible’ is wide open with our AI platform and helping you solve environmental control functionality to improve safety, increase security, and create efficiencies.


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