Create a Smart Parking facility to drive revenue and efficiencies

The VIMOC AI Platform Parking products utilize image sensors positioned in view of entry/exit lanes and the feeds are sent to a powerful edge server installed on-site. The AI Platform processes the live feed, applies advanced computer vision and classification algorithms which detect vehicles entering and exiting the garage, after which the raw images are discarded. The live results of these algorithms are available via VIMOC's API which can be used by any apps that are granted access to the data stream.

Occupancy & Guidance

Occupancy & Guidance

Vital to this counting system is the ability to present this information to drivers in real time in order for them to make the decision about entering the parking garage. The parking garage solution therefore includes smart digital signage, which is updated in real time as spaces are occupied or vacated. As with all sensors in the VIMOC AI Platform, any disruptions in network connection (LTE or ethernet) connectivity do not affect the operation of the solution or the collection and storage of data.

Weather you operate a multi-Level structures or surface lot, above or below ground, with one or multiple entrances/exits, the VIMOC solution can support all of the parking functionality through the powerful VIMOC AI Platform.


License Plate Recognition

Leveraging the same platform used for other parking functionality, easily add License Plate Recognition (LPR) to your parking infrastructure. Capturing license plate information can be used for a variety of purposes to meet your diverse needs.


Virtual Permitting. The VIMOC AI Platform License Plate Recognition and machine-to-machine transaction capabilities can enable a virtual permitting solution. The solution can save time, improve operational efficiency, reduce traffic congestion, and reduce fuel and paper waste as parking transactions will be done via virtual permitting. The goal is that when a vehicle accesses the facility, a vision system powered by VIMOC’s AI Platform will detect the vehicle and the license plate, and verify they have a valid parking permit. Parking enforcement can be automatically notified if vehicles without proper authentication park in the structure. The unique method of storage and recognition of date solves security issues present in other LPR solutions.  


Signage & Way-Finding

Signage represents the most important part of the Visitor/Parker experience and if proper done, will increase customer satisfaction and can improve bottom-line revenue.


While wayfinding mobile applications and websites can display occupancy and wayfinding information, the stressed driver heading to the parking area in traffic will be looking at signage to efficiently find parking. While signage represents a significant amount of investment, from the core display technology to the enclosures, mounting, connecting and additional silk-screening and embellishment, it really provides real-time value to every person who interacts with your garage. The VIMOC team will help you determine the best option to provide the greatest value for your visitors.


High-Value Single Space

Electric vehicles, handicap, VIP, and other high-value parking spots can be monitored and managed with minimal infrastructure. Unlike other solutions that require a heavy capital investment and require equipment for every parking spot, the VIMOC solution can monitor multiple spots via an IP camera and the VIMOC AI Platform. You can set rules for length of time for certain spots and trigger alerts to parking enforcement if an EV has been parked beyond the allotted time. By using the same AI Platform in your garage, adding high-value single spot monitoring is simple and quick. (Four spots are being managed with a single camera below)

High-Value Single Spots

Analytics Portal & API Integrations

In addition to taking real-time actions on the edge through the onsite server, VIMOC constantly uploads our cloud infrastructure with rich information and insights to enable you to see what is happening at any point in time - or historically over time. Your specific portal will provide the information in multiple views enabling deeper analysis.

Additionally, the information pulled into your portal is also available via secure APIs in both near real-time (RESTful) and real-time (WebSocket) modes. The REST API portfolio is built upon Apache tools and returns results in JSON format. These APIs let us integrate with third party applications, mobile apps or feed additional analytics environments. Detailed API documentation is available upon request.


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