Pedestrian Safety

Automatically detecting movement and signaling alerts

Your VIMOC AI Powered Pedestrian Safety system automatically triggers crosswalk warning lights to alert the driver of the impending pedestrian, without the need to push a button. Deploy them inside garages or on busy streets to alert drivers of impending foot traffic. ​

Using many of the cameras already implemented in the a base Pedestrian Counting product, VIMOC will also be able to offer additional security measures in key locations where pedestrian foot traffic comes through or near vehicular traffic.  This additional safety provision requires no button or pedestrian action but rather automatically detects the presence of people or bicycles and can actuate crosswalk signage or lights to improve safety.

Safety for the pedestrian and the driver

How It Works

  1. We'll place cameras at specified locations facing crosswalks, walkways or vehicle / pedestrian shared space.

  2. We'll identify when a pedestrian is approaching this area and our system will not only count the people (and bicycles) but will also be able to actuate signs or lights based on the desired experience.  When pedestrian traffic comes near vehicular traffic, we recommend the rapid activation of flashing LEDs to alert the driver that pedestrians are nearby and crossing their path.  Lights could also be used to warn the pedestrian to be cautious.

  3. If desired, lights or other signals are typically embedded in or next to such a crosswalk so they are visible to the potentially distracted driver.  VIMOC supports multiple actuations from a single event if desired. The signal could also be sent to traffic signal control boxes, actuate a safety gate or display additional warning signs.

  4. There is no need for the pedestrian to press buttons or activate a light.  The environment is aware of them and activates the appropriate safety mechanism appropriate for the situation.

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