Room Occupancy

Use the VIMOC AI Platform to generate knowledge regarding your visitors

Finally, a room occupancy solution that works. The visual-based VIMOC AI Platform delivers a solution that can be used in large or small meeting rooms, restaurants, or other venues where people count is important. Using an IP camera, the product counts entry and exit, as well as the number of people in a room at any given time. With rich APIs you can integrate to your meeting reservation platform for reporting and adherence to company policies. Using signage or indication lights, you can easily provide notification of availability or occupied rooms.

Conference Rooms

Restaurants can display availability metrics on outside displays for patrons. Imagine a restaurant in a busy airport that has signage of available tables to attract busy travelers who may be pressed for time. Likewise, occupancy numbers, either high or low, that are outside of defined parameters can be proactively sent to a manager/owner so they can make appropriate adjustments to their operations.

The possibilities are endless on how this level of intelligence can help manage facilities in your organization. The “Art of the Possible” enables you to do great things for your business.

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