Smart City

Smart City

Improve the lives of your residents and visitors through the Power of AI

VIMOC is delivering Smart City solutions around the world that you can immediately leverage to improve efficiencies, safety, and security across your city and region. Leverage what we’ve learned over the past few years through the deployment and operation of solutions in Silicon Valley and other cities.

We’ll help you tackle real-life issues across your massive infrastructure, people, traffic, visitors, employees, and activity 24x7. The VIMOC AI Platform will immediately solve needs in your city and provide a platform that is continuously upgradable, enabling you to easily add functionality down the road.

Focusing on one solution at a time with the following options:

Pedestrian Safety

  • With heads buried in smartphones and ear buds playing music, pedestrians are often clueless of their surroundings. This is a recipe for disaster when crossing streets or interacting with traffic. This is exactly why cities and campuses are deploying our AI-powered Pedestrian Safety solution that perceives when bikes or pedestrians are approaching crosswalks and traffic is moving in their direction. The system automatically triggers crosswalk warning lights to alert the driver of the impending pedestrian, without the need to push a button. >> Read More 



  • Are you struggling to understand what is happing in your parking structures or lots? Do you want to improve the visitor experience enabling employees, residents, or visitors to find parking quicker so they can make it to their destination quickly? Do you need the analytics to figure out what ride-share services are doing to your occupancy and how you can deploy solutions to improve revenue? The VIMOC AI Platform enables you to manage, analyze, and get the answers you are looking for to better run these revenue generating facilities. >> Read More


Anomaly Detection

  • Increasing safety is an important mandate for any city and the VIMOC AI Platform will allow you to determine anomalies happening across your city and trigger alerts for someone to take action. Two people standing outside the City Hall for 10 minutes at 3 pm may be ‘normal’ behavior, however this same action at 3 am may be cause to send an alert to the police. You create the rules and we’ll teach our AI Platform to take action for your unique situation. >> Read More


Car Drop-off Zones

  • Lyft and Uber are putting an enormous stress on the streets around cities. Drop-off and pick-up zone are being created and enforced by cities across the nation. The VIMOC AI Platform will enable you to count, report, monitor, and manage the traffic. Through open AIs, you’ll have the ability to create an interface with the ride-sharing companies if needed. >> Read More


Environmental Controls

  • Are you looking for automated methods to create more efficient environments throughout city-owned buildings or parking garages? Wouldn’t you like to measure your garage occupancy rates, temperature, CO2, and integrate the ventilation to turn on or off as needed? This is exactly what we are doing for a city in Silicon Valley. Through the power of AI, the possibilities of solving your needs are endless. >> Read More


Curb-side Management

  • Beyond the ride-sharing chaos, every city has bus, delivery, and other specialized and restricted zones for specialized transportation needs. We’ll help you analyze and manage these high-value zones to ensure you maintain efficiencies throughout your transportation hubs. >> Read More    


Room / Building Occupancy

  • Do you know what the status is of your high-value venues around the city? How many people are entering or lining-up to enter? With a VIMOC AI powered solution you’ll receive live alerts and post-event reports based on your unique needs. >> Read More


Virtual Fencing

  • You can specify locations anywhere in the city as off-limits at certain times of the day and if they are accessed you receive an alert. Perhaps you don’t want vans and other questionable trucks parking in high value areas in the city, if so, the VIMOC AI Platform can send an alert to your police to investigate. >> Read More


Visitor Analytics

  • Would you like to discreetly count visitors entering and exiting buildings or venues across the city? How about knowing how long lines are for events or other activities? With a Visitor Analytic solution, you’ll take the human-guessing out of the equation and be enabled AI powered knowledge to help efficiencies and fact-based decision making. >> Read More

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