Smart Parking

Smart Parking 

Empower your facility with the power of AI

Deploy a solution that provides value within your parking facility and beyond. While most so-called 'smart' parking solutions are focused only on parking, when you deploy a VIMOC solution, you'll be enabled to leverage the AI Platform for parking and beyond. 

Creating efficiencies and a better visitor experience starts when visitors, customers, patients, employees, and others first pull into your garage or onto your lot. What does is say when you can improve the experience and get them into your stores quicker? How much productivity will you gain by getting employees into the building faster every day? For entertainment venues, casinos, and other facilities trying to create a great user experience, wouldn't you like to touch your visitors in a positive fashion from the moment they turn off the street and into the garage? 

VIMOC has been delivering value to garage operators through the deployment of our VIMOC AI Platform. You can now leverage what we’ve learned to increase the efficiency, safety, and security of your parking structures and surface lots.

We’ve built an intelligent solution that is perfect for your individual infrastructure and the people, traffic, visitors, employees, and activity. We’ll help you solve your immediate needs and create an environment where we’ll work together to solve tomorrow’s tangible needs using the power of the VIMOC AI Platform.

Leverage one or more of the VIMOC products designed to support the parking industry:


  • Are you struggling to understand what is happening in your parking structures or lots? Do you want to improve the visitor experience enabling customers to find parking quicker? The VIMOC AI Platform enables you to manage, analyze, and get the answers you are looking for to better run your revenue generating facilities. The rich suite of Smart Parking solutions consists of: 

    • Parking occupancy and guidance

    • Multi-level parking structures

    • Surface lots

    • High-value single spaces

    • Occupancy signage & way-finding

    • API integration to PARCS & 3rd party apps

    • Parking analytics

Pedestrian Safety

  • Pedestrians are often not aware of their surroundings in and around garages and lots. This is a recipe for disaster when crossing traffic in the garage or around your lots. This is exactly why garages across the country are deploying our AI-powered Pedestrian Safety solution that perceives when bikes or pedestrians are approaching crosswalks and traffic is moving in their direction. The system automatically triggers crosswalk warning lights to alert the driver of the impending pedestrian, without the need to push a button. >> Read More  

Environmental Controls

  • Are you looking for automated methods to create a more efficient environment? Wouldn’t you like to measure your garage occupancy rates, temperature, CO2, and integrate the ventilation to turn on or off as needed? This is exactly what we are doing for a customer in Silicon Valley. Through the power of AI, the possibilities of solving your needs are endless. >> Read More

Visitor Analytics

  • Would you like to discreetly count visitors entering and exiting buildings or venues across campus? How about knowing how long lines are for events or other activities? With a Visitor Analytic solution, you’ll take the human-guessing out of the equation and be enabled AI powered knowledge to help efficiencies and fact-based decision making. >> Read More

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