The Artificial Intelligence (AI)​ Platform currently delivering real-world solutions.


The VIMOC AI Platform

The VIMOC AI Platform extends cloud computing down to the infrastructure by using Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence (Cognitive Computing Network) to deliver real-time data processing of visually captured data. The edge-based AI platform pushes processed “intelligence” to the Cloud, rather than just large amounts data. The VIMOC AI Platform achieves a high level of operational efficiency, reducing the complexity, cost of integration, and eliminating the single point of failure.

A Complete
AI Platform

All the necessary components to enable advanced analytics, web services and applications.


Unlike many other cloud-only vision analytics solutions, we live on the Edge, enabling high performance, real-time IoT Actuation.


Visual images offer the richest view of the world around us.


Multiple (and expanding) use-cases supported on a single platform leveraging common infrastructure.

Intelligent Deep Learning

Advanced Deep Learning AI can detect and identify hundreds of thousands of objects with extremely high accuracy AND quickly learn new models.



Specialty sensors can augment the vision system to support additional solutions.

The VIMOC AI Platform Architecture

How the VIMOC AI Platform Works

VIMOC is vision-based (the sensor is a camera) but can augment that our visual sense with specialty sensors to further complete our view of the environment. The highly advanced Deep Learning algorithms then detect and classify objects in view, constantly learning and improving our accuracy in the process. Once objects and situations are identified, the platform determines what to do based on policies and rules provided and can immediately take action while also providing information and insights to the VIMOC cloud for analytics.  Unlike many vision-based platforms, the VIMOC AI Platform lives "on the Edge" allowing action to be taken in real-time when time matters most.  

We work closely with our technology partners to optimize the end-to-end solution for our clients; from the edge computing hardware and chips that handle our advanced deep learning algorithms to the networks that tie everything together.  

We VIEW & SENSE the environment



We DETERMINE what to do based on rules



How the VIMOC AI Platform Works

In addition to taking real-time actions, VIMOC constantly feeds our cloud with rich information and insights to enable our customers to see what is happening at any point in time - or historically over time.  

Customer-specific portals provide the information in multiple views enabling deeper analysis.

Additionally, this information is also available via secure APIs in both near real-time (RESTful) and real-time (websocket) modes.  These APIs let us integrate with third party applications, mobile apps or feed additional analytics environments.

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