Visitor Analytics

Use the VIMOC AI Platform to generate knowledge regarding your visitors

The VIMOC AI Platform enables you with knowledge, insight, and control of your facility and the people who visit. People counting and analytics has always been left to someone standing at a door or using antiquated methods of estimation. We’ll deploy and train your system to meet the individual needs of your facility. The power of this information can be used by many people in an organization, from operations to marketing, and sales to security.


The VIMOC AI Platform detects & analyzes. 



People Counting

  • Count every person entering and exiting the facility. Track your total number and the net difference of your traffic flow. Set-up trigger alerts based on operational rules within your organization. Do you want someone to be alerted when a room or building is filled to capacity or if it’s empty?


Crowd Detection

  • Should your security team be alerted when crowds reach a certain threshold in targeted areas of your campus, office, or venue? The crowd detection feature enables you to be alerted automatically when something expected or unexpected arises in your environment.


Total Building or Floor Occupancy

  • It’s one thing to know how many people are on your corporate or university campus, in your venue, or your building, however, do you know how many people are on each floor? This automatic level of knowledge can enable multiple value-adds to your organization. Perhaps you want to change the heating/cooling system when a floor is empty and turn it back on when someone arrives? Maybe you’re trying to determine real estate utilization to increase or decrease your footprint. The possibilities are endless.


Bottom line, the analytics and proactive nature of the VIMOC AI Platform give you the power to make the right decisions for your organization.

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